Mint 13.5 Gram Poker Chips

Brown Mint Poker Chip - $0.25 Brown Mint Poker Chip - $0.25

Out of stock

Grey Mint Poker Chip - $0.50 Grey Mint Poker Chip - $0.50
White Mint Poker Chip - $1 White Mint Poker Chip - $1
Red Mint Poker Chip - $5 Red Mint Poker Chip - $5
Dark Blue Mint Poker Chip - $10 Dark Blue Mint Poker Chip - $10
Green Mint Poker Chip - $25 Green Mint Poker Chip - $25
Light Blue Mint Poker Chip - $50 Light Blue Mint Poker Chip - $50
Black Mint Poker Chip - $100 Black Mint Poker Chip - $100
Purple Mint Poker Chip - $500 Purple Mint Poker Chip - $500
Yellow Mint Poker Chip - $1,000 Yellow Mint Poker Chip - $1,000
Pink Mint Poker Chip - $5,000 Pink Mint Poker Chip - $5,000
Orange Mint Poker Chip - $10,000 Orange Mint Poker Chip - $10,000


Claysmith Gaming really broke the bank with the Mint Poker Chips. Based on the famous Dell Webb's Mint Casino design, these poker chips are sure to bring the action to any game.

The Mint Poker Chips feature the gear wheel mold similar to the Rock & Roll Poker Chips. This gives the chips both design and texture to make each chip stand out. The Triangle and Stick edge spots surround this beauty, allowing the attention to be focused on the inlay. To keep it simple each inlay displays its denomination in large bold numbers, while spelling it out right below. Just by looking you can tell the amount of craftsmanship that went into these poker chips.

These chips are available in 12 different denominations and colors giving any game a wide variety of options to work with. They are sure to freshen up the game and keep everyone's eyes on the prize!

Brand Claysmith Gaming
Chip Material Clay Composite
Has Denominations Yes
Chip Diameter 39mm
Chip Weight 13.5 Gram
Inlay Diameter 25.4mm


These feel much better than those plastic chips you buy in bulk for like $20. Posted by Tony on 5/8/2018
I had an issue with my package. Seems like when it was in transit to my home, the packaging that it came in had a huge tear. When I received the package, there was 1 huge hole in it, and 2 smaller hole. The box also looked and felt weathered, like cardboard when wet. UPS literally wrapped the package up with 2 layers of tape over it with some C.O.D. red ink over it. I had lost 400 chips of my 1000 order.

I had contacted Chip Cave, and showed pictures of the box and wrote the missing contents of the package. They got me the missing chips very quickly. I was scared that I was going to be out of luck but they came through for me. THANKS!
Mint Chips are great value, inlays could be a bit better. Posted by Chan on 10/21/2017
Overall chip stacking, sound, and quality are above average.

The inlay's really bring this chip down, I find the white background to be a bit reddish and dark on the $5 chips, generally they could use better contrast and brighter colors this would put it a cut above the rest.

I wish ChipCave had better shipping options to Canada, that would make them the best e-tailer to Canada!
Ordered 800 The Mint chips sight unseen. Customer service was great and they arrived in a very timely manner. Posted by Philip on 2/17/2017
These are probably the best chips for the money I've ever seen. They will last a lifetime. The only negative thing I could say is that some (not all) of the chips are slightly thicker than others which causes some stacking issues. Not a big enough issue to prevent me from getting more.
Excellent service and very fast shipping. Posted by Andy on 3/2/2016
Your website is very easy to navigate.
Quick shipping, great customer service. Posted by Aaron on 2/14/2016
Packaging a little rough but I assume its drop shipped. I'd be worried if they where clay chips. This is a return customer order. I came back because of service.
Excellent Quality Posted by Gracie T. on 10/26/2015
We had been looking for better quality chips, but never seemed to find the exact ones we liked. These were affordable and the quality looked great on their website but wasn't sure what they would look like once we got them. Yep, we were extremely pleased with the quality, and our clients loved them as well.
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